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Hi guys! I hope someone can help me! I have an asianfanfics account ( I dont write but I like to read fanfiction ) and I subscribed to SkyRebel’s “the wolf and the humanoid” which is a bangtan fic with namjoon/jungkook as main characters and I really liked that fic but today I’ve discovered that the author was deactivated. I was a little shocked, yes, because I really liked that fanfic and I has waiting for an update that would never come. Anyways, don’t get me wrong I respect the author’s decision but I was wondering if any of you would possible know if she has a lifejournal or something like that because I would appreciate to keep reading her stories. And at last I apologize for any mistake, English is not my first language and I haven’t write in English for years now. Hopefully someone can help me (or not, oh well eheh). So yeah if you know something please send me a message I would be super grateful! Bangtan fighting! ♡

So i just read “to be with you” , which is a namjin fanfic (bts)……. I CRIED SO MUCH OH GOD WHY IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND I DONT EVEN KNOW I’M NOT OK RIGHT NOW!

The GIF of Kyungsoo singing Gee froze and I just….



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bts jongguk in “goodbye middle school”
bts jongguk in “goodbye middle school”
jongguk in “goodbye middle school”
bts suga in “school of tears”
bts rapmonster “school of tears”